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5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying any Web Hosting5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying any Web Hosting

 The five most important things to consider before you buy web hosting. I'm also going to show you where we found reliable $1 per month web hosting that meets all of our criteria without the high prices that other web hosting companies charge but you're off in ten times as much to find out where to get $1 per month web hosting.

A Guarantee of at least 99% Uptime: When you're shopping for a hosting company the first thing on your mind needs to be reliability a bad web host to spell ruin for your website and your business because if your site experience of any significant down time you'll miss out on a lot of traffic and a lot of potential profits if your business Plus Google penalize websites that have fun reliable hosting companies hurting your long-term Google rankings. Therefore, your web hosting company must guarantee at least a 99% uptime anything below this should be discarded and ignored.

Server Backups: The second most important feature you should look for in a web host that back up their servers good web host use a backup power system and perform daily offsite backups of your server so in case of a natural disaster their website will be saved without this feature their website is always at risk.
5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying any Web Hosting

Unlimited Features: The next step is to check to make sure that your web host features are unlimited for example a good web host company will allow you to keep unlimited mail accounts unlimited domain names and most of all unlimited traffic. All of these are important especially if you want to have a successful website you would not want to sign up with the web host only to have trouble down the road when you realize your potential for growth is limited by your web host service plan to be sure that it's unlimited.

Secure Servers: Even heard of the risk of hacking and identity theft so one thing you must have a secure server capabilities especially if you're going to sell anything online a secure server allows people to give you private information like credit card numbers without having to worry about information being intercepted most people will not order anything online unless you offer a secure server.
5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying any Web Hosting

Speed: Finally you don't want to keep your visitors Waiting by working with a slow hosting company this is very important because your profits are directly proportional to the speed that the web pages load and Google gives extra love to website that load quickly the fastest way to lose visitors and customers is to make them wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load.
5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying any Web Hosting

Alright are you ready to hear about that $1 per month hosting deal that I told you about we reviewed all the major web hosting companies. We know it can be difficult to get all those features for a decent price however offers $1 per month web hosting for the first year and it's just as good as most of the more expensive providers that are ten times the price and it's all five are criteria for a good web host. Whoever you choose as your web host provider be sure to follow the same rules as your guide of any website disasters.
5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying any Web Hosting


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