Huawei Honor 3c Keyboard Error [Resolved]

Huawei Honor 3C is A mid range device that gives you a compact smart phone experience. A Chinese multinational company Huawei Presents, Honor 3C. The price of this phone is very economical and affordable for all. A device with spectacular features like 5 inches of capacitive touch screen with multi touch features. It supports 2G and 3G Network and runs on Dual SIM integration. Considering the hardware specs, the device holds 2 GB of RAM. The connectivity options in your Honor 3C comes with GPRS, GPS, JAVA, EGDE, Bluetooth, and micro USB v2.0 that enables you to browse, share, and store audio and video files.
Huawei honor 3c keyboard error is one of the most unfair feature that actually seem to be an error.
huawei honor 3c keyboard error resolved huawei honor 3c keyboard error screenshot

Do you know Huawei Honor 3c one hand UI is actually a feature?

Yes, the one hand UI in Emotion UI-2.0 is actually a feature that most of the people don't know. It works well with its original emotion UI-2.0 but there are some features that makes you sick.

Why the error occurs in honor 3c and some other devices?

They added the one hand UI feature to let you feel like you are doing it with one hand ;) but some of the people who don't know playing with the stuff says this is a bug. The keyboard becomes weird when you turn on the one-hand UI in the setting or the drop down. You can simply resolve the error by just turning off the one-handUI. Thats it. To be more specific lets do it step by step.
1. Drag the notification bar down
2. Expand the shortcut menu and you will see one-hand UI
3. Simply tap on it to disable it.
Huawei Honor 3c Keyboard Error fix
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  3. I should thank the author of this blog for the clarifying why the keyboard error occur in Huawei Honor 3c. This is an example of a capacitive touch screen that has spectacular features where is significantly few in the market. It is very disgusting for a consumer to encounter poor performance or defect while using a purchased item. The resolution given was explained thoroughly. As I was reading the blog content, there were three steps to resolve the error. I was able to follow these steps because it was easy and direct to the point. The keyboard error may give a negative customer feedback but if I would have the chance to buy this capacitive touch screen I would still buy it. Its price is very economical and affordable. The error reported was just a minimal one. The hardware specifications sound goods to as well as the connectivity options it offer. I should the grab the chance to have one. A mobile phone with spectacular features in an affordable price is very favorable for consumers.